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Beware, gentle reader, for you have stumbled upon an article hidden within The Vaults. These dim and dusty halls are a resting place for articles that are seldom read, seldom updated, and sometimes woefully obsolete. Plus, you know, all the other junk we can't find a better place for.

This page is a record of all the real-life Medals, Patches, Pins, and other prizes that have been awarded by Privateer Press over the years for various Leagues and Conventions.

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This page was started 2018.12 and will be Under Construction for a good while until i can get a decent amount of the info and pictures ready.

Images will be a HUGE part of this page and I will need your help to gather them all. if you have an award or prize please take a nice clear, well lit picture of it on a white background

if you know for what and when it was given out that would also be a huge help!